Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get rid of shofar odor?

A: We personally check and clean each shofar before it is sent out to ensure that your Shofar is odor free. In addition, we sell a quality shofar anti odor spray which is gentle, natural, and effective.


Q: How do I measure the shofar?

A:. The acceptable method for measuring a shofar is around the outer edge.


Q. Where are you located?

A. Our warehouse is located in Bnei Brak, an orthodox city near Tel Aviv.


Q. Do your prices include import duties?

A. All of our prices are excluding shipping and any customs or import duties that may be applied. As every country has their individual demands, we suggest that you investigate this point prior to making any purchase.


Q.How secure is your site?

A. We use the latest industry standard of Internet security, SSL. We regard both the security and privacy of our customers with highest regard and will continuously update our security measures accordingly to ensure that our customers are protected.


Q. What is the difference between natural and polished shofar?

A. The natural finish of a Shofar is achieved by just cleaning and forming the shofar but leaving the outside as closely resembling the horn in it’s natural state as possible, achieving an authentic look. The polished shofars are sanded and polished until glowing and shiny, bringing out colors under the surface for an impressive effect.


Q. How should I care for my shofar?

A. The shofar needs no care, it can be displayed as an impressive enhancement to your home decor, or safely stored in a Shofar pouch.


Q. Are your products made in Israel?

A. The Shofars are processed here in Israel. The Seven Branch Menorahs are made in Israel as well, as are the Anointing Oils and all Prayer Shawls.


Q. Can I personalize a Tallit or Tallit Bag?

A. Yes, we do have the option of personalized embroidery for Tallits and Tallit Bags.


Q. Do you provide certification for your Shofars?

A. Yes, firstly, all shofars come with a Kosher sticker stating that they are Kosher and under Rabbinical supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Tel Aviv. Secondly, we can provide certification from the Israeli Ministry of Health that they have been sterilized and processed.