Dark Blue and Gold color Star of David 7 Branch Menorah

Dark Blue and Gold color Star of David 7 Branch Menorah

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  • Gold and blue make a dramatic combination in this luxurious enamel plated 7-branch Menorah
  • You will be inspired with the gold Jerusalem images, olive branches and the 12 Tribes symbols
  • A large golden Star of David, ancient Judaic symbol of identity, on the stem makes a statement
  • The dainty three-step gold-rimmed base is enhanced with the word "Jerusalem" written boldly

Product Description

Let the awe-inspiring color blue lift up your hearts when you see this enamel plated blue 7-branched Menorah elegantly decorated in gold with well-known Judaic symbols. This will make a delightful gift that will always be treasured.

For use with either candles or glass inserts holding floating wicks. See Additional Items section below.


SKU: ch-44530DB
Width: 7.5" / 19cm
Height: 9.5" / 24cm
Cup inner diameter: 16-17mm

Additional Items

Floating Wicks
Glass Oil Inserts - Nine pc Set
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