Yemenite Kudu and Ram's Horn Shofars for Sale

MyShofar’s mission is to help every customer make a shofar purchase that will give years of satisfying and productive use. To achieve this goal, our user-friendly website displays a wide selection of shofars the traditional ram’s horn, the spectacular kudu horn or dramatic Gemsbok horns. For a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive shofar, we offer an array of prestigiously decorated shofars, hand-painted and embellished with silver and precious stones. Should you have questions or want personal guidance, our team of telephonists is waiting to help you. At MyShofar, the customer comes first. We trust you and we hope you will trust us.

Our family of customers comes from all walks of life. Responding to the need, we provide Shofars to satisfy every need – whether they will be used for religious or non-religious purposes. Shofars intended for ritual blowing carry the appropriate authorization confirming their Kashrut status. Our warehouse reverberates to the sound of Shofar blasts, as we repeatedly check every Shofar for appearance and sound quality before shipping.

The history of the Shofar goes back to Bible times when Isaac was bound on the altar and Abraham brought a ram entangled in the bushes with its horns as a sacrifice. Ever since that historical moment, the Shofar represents Divine judgement and mercy. Its wordless sound is a call to the soul – to repent and improve. In recent years, the Shofar has been enjoying growing popularity and in many communities, it is blown for musical and other non-religious purposes.

Whatever it is used for, a shofar is a meaningful gift appropriate for any age and any occasion. Whether used for its sound or for display, it will become a cherished family legacy, carrying its message of hope, strength and renewal. MyShofar is confident that amongst its wide selection, you will find a Shofar you will be proud to call “My Shofar.”

Recently, MyShofar expanded its Judaica merchandise and it now offers a wide selection of prayer shawls – tallit in Hebrew. Our commitment is to help every customer find a tallit that is comfortable and suits his taste and personality. Enjoy our wide choice of traditional wool tallitot with classic black stripes. The more adventurous will consider a tallit embroidered with silver or colored stripes. Many adore the Jewish theme pictures and designs offered in a choice of colors. If you have a taste for the exclusive and luxurious, take a tallit that is custom made and hand-woven from silk and cotton fabrics. Each one is a stunning work of art available in elegant subdued shades or in dashing colors with Jewish theme pictures. Every tallit comes in a choice of sizes and colors. To complete the selection, you will find a choice of elegantly embroidered tallit and tefillin bags and attractive tallit clips that enhance the tallit and keep it firmly on your shoulders.

A tallit, worn during prayer, elevates a person and connects him to the Divine. At MyShofar, you will surely find a tallit with accessories that will contribute to achieving this goal.