Customer Testimonials

"The shofar and stand are lovely...beautiful....thank you"
Beth O., 10/08/17

"Excellent quality. I am very pleased with my purchase....reasonable pricing"
Bud M., 09/08/17

"I first want to clarify that I'm 16. I'm using a prepaid credit/debit card that I purchased a while back. The site is beautiful and has everything I'd ever hope it had. I did leave a comment requesting, specifically, a dark-colored/brown ram's horn for kids, so I'm hoping they follow through like they have already in the past. People always ask me about my large Yemenite shofar, and I'm always proud to say I got it from Myshofar"
todd S., NV 09/02/17

"This is a great company to deal with. I received my first order in less time than promised, and the article was even better than I expected. Great website, very easy to find what one is looking for, and all necessary functions are very easy to execute."
Tzvi from Canada 10/28/16

"Customer service was extremely friendly and helpful. The shofars I bought for my grandchildren were beautiful and reasonably priced. They love them.";
Ted L., NY 09/21/16

"I got what I ordered for the first time for a talit I was amazed by the quality and when I got my shofar I was more delighted it was simply awesome"
John C., UK 09/11/16

"Excellent service and product. Extremely satisfied with my order and customer service. Thank you."
Elaine, NJ 09/11/15

"The shipment was quite late but that was the fault of the postal service and customs. I will certainly shop at Myshofar again"
Avi, France 08/05/14

"Nice pretty beautiful shofar came in at decent time coming from Israel love it highly recommended, blows loud nice im very happy"
Scott R, NY 08/01/15

"I received my Shofar today! I am so pleased with it. It is solid black, as stated in the description. Each horn is unique. These horns are not mass produced so they won't always look like the picture. Mine doesn't look like the picture but it is very beautiful. Since I am a beginner of Shofars, I am learning how to blow it. Will get there with persistence and practice!"
Jason C., MN 07/09/15

"Dear ones! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my order. I got exactly what I wanted, both in quality and delivery time. Pleased to do business with you. Sincerely grateful"
Mark M., CA 12/28/14

"Surprised and delighted to find the product I ordered arrive so quickly! I didn't have to wait long. It was securely wrapped to prevent damage."
Mary M, US 11/05/14

"I have ordered with myShofar f a few times and have never been disappointed with any of my purchases. They carry unique items and will continue doing business with them as I support Israel!"
Gabriele Cocci, Italy 10/20/14

"I am very pleased with my order. The product was actually nicer than the website photo."
Febo Fajard, PR USA 09/24/14

"I got exactly what I wanted, at a good price, and delivered quickly."
Marcos Souza, Brazil 09/16/14

"Thanks you, just got my second order, I will be recommending this site my friends."
Bella S, Australia 08/14/14

"I bought it as a gift for a friend and she is very satisfied, she blows the shofar with joy!"
Albert M, VA USA 08/13/14

"Fantastic. Speedy delivery, impeccable timing and quality products, knowledgeable and courteous staff/customer service. 100% satisfaction baruch H"
Christopher C., Canada 07/19/14

"Beautiful shofar and stunning carrying bag! Thank you, I'll order another one soon."
Adrian S., New York 07/05/14

"Beautiful shofars ,I've ordered 3 totally different shofars so far and am amazed at their beauty. I highly recommend this site."
Sheri I., US 06/27/14

"The base of the Menorah was crooked and I needed a new one. Our son was able to make the base straight but the base was no longer solid. It moved. myshofar sent us a new Menorah without any problems."
Linda T. Rice, NY 06/11/14

"You are most welcome. It is a gem. Everyone likes it, and I was able to play a musical scale on it last night, some thing I had no idea to be able to do on only a medium size ram’s horn. Someday I will be able to afford a larger one, and will check with you first, as well as recommend to all friends. I like my new shofar from"
Walter, USA 05/26/14

"All products are very good and all packages were very closed and sealed.Thank you very much."
Bella S, Australia 02/28/14

"I have purchased items from myshofar and am very happy with each order I have received and will continue to come back"
Chris N, WA 02/26/14

"I bought a shofar and I love it thank you !!!"
Steven A, FL 02/12/14

"Excellent sevice, very good products, I will continue buying here."
Daniel Y, 01/19/14

"I received my item and I am very happy with my order. I highly recommend myshofar. My item came quicker than expected. You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much, I sure will be ordering again soon."
Leonardo P, CA 07/22/13

"The anointing oil packaged very well and arrived a few days early and is of excellent quality."
Roseanne O, UK 07/19/13

"The wool tallit is awesome, thanks for the great service. MyShofar is living up to expectation and is highly recommended, will purchase again . Bless you all"
Terese H, Australia 07/16/13

"Great Product and excellent service! Thank you."
David P, FL 07/15/13

"Thanks for this awesome anointing oil."
Elaine W, MA 07/05/13

I am very pleased with my shofar. It is very beautiful and arrived as was told it would be. I will definitely. I will definitely order more items from you in Israel. Thank you"
Bernard S, FL 07/04/13

"A very nicely made Tallit. Although the Tallit was shipped from Israel, I received it within 2 weeks of placing the order. It’s a great price for a very attractive adult-sized prayer Shawl. "
Dana S, New Zealand 07/01/13

"Beautifully packaged and much quicker service than I expected since it came from near Tel Aviv, Israel. Really has a pleasing smell. It contains more than the normal small bottle of anointing oil. I will order again in the future."
Boyd C, Canada 07/01/13

"Prayer Shawl came before the promised date and is beautiful."
Nanci K, CA 06/28/13

"Great product and fast delivery considering it came from outside of US."
Rodrigo G, Puerto Rico 06/27/13

"Received before the estimated date, it is a Great Shofar!! Highly polished and sounds excellent. The anti odor spray was a plus, though I personally don’t think it smelled odorous at all. Highly recommended."
Erick D, PA 06/15/13

"My husband got soo happy when he saw the Bnei Or tallit at home. Thank you for fast delivery." "Beautifully decorated Yemenite shofar. Very unusually shaped and decorated."The shofar is so beautiful .. I thank you so much. I've never had a problem always on time when expected delivery or even soon."
Michelle S, UK 06/09/13

"I've wanted a ram’s horn shofar for years and finally bought one. The seller was very prompt and helpful."
Moshe B, NY 06/09/13

"The Shofar arrived in excellent condition. It is a thing of beauty. I will definitely consider MyShofar for my future needs. "
William K, NJ 06/02/13

"Thank You myshofar you're tops! Great service and the shofars are beautiful!""I finally have my very own shofar. I've actually gotten several beautiful sounds from it. I'm even saving the shipping label because it's the first I've ever received from Israel. I am so pleased with this seller's attention to packaging and promptness to fill my order. I do so highly recommend them."
Darren D, CA 05/29/13

"I was so happy to find my Ram Horn in the mailbox before Christmas !!!! It arrived early. The item is in great condition and made a wonderful Christmas gift for my mom. I will order again from this company !!!!"
Jess L, AL 05/24/13

"I am so pleased with the shofar that i received a whole week earlier than expected. It is beautiful! Thank you!!"
Mac W, WI 05/19/13