Adult Undershirt Tallit Katan - Talitania

Adult Undershirt Tallit Katan - Talitania

$12.91 - $15.06
  • A great innovation attaching Tzitzit to your undershirt
  • Comfortable, convenient and a boon in the hot summer
  • Slits on the side and Tzitzit made according to halachah
  • Comes with Rabbinical certificate

Product Description

If you find it cumbersome to wear an undershirt and tallit katan, you will love this innovation - an undershirt with tzitzit threads attached at the four corners. In accordance with halachic requirements, there are slits on the side.

Made in Israel by the Talitania company, meeting the highest standards of Jewish Law. A certificate testifies to the kashrut.


Brand: Talitania
Made in Israel
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Special Features

Techelet-Blue Thread (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade sefardi thin tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)
Handmade yemenite thin tzitzit (extra 4 days on delivery)


Average rating: 4.5 / 5.0 based on 2 reviews

Very good tzitzit

Great for my husband. Super comfortable fit.

Satisfactory tallit katan- tzitzit

This is nice but it seems to be smaller than the reviews and sizing said, especially in the armholes, so it seems to me.

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