Half Polished Shofars

Our long-spiraled Yemenite shofars are enormously popular. MyShofar customers love their majestic appearance and haunting deep tones. For those who deliberate between a polished sheen or a rugged natural finish, MyShofar offers the ultimate combination shofars that are polished on one side and natural on the other. The contrast is stunning. Enjoy the gleam and then turn the shofar and admire beautiful hues and shades.

Browse through the MyShofar selection of half-polished Yemenite shofars. The smallest ones are 21. The longest is a splendid-looking 44. Like all our shofars, they are measured around the curve. They originate from the kudu antelope prized for its long winding horns. Used centuries ago in Yemen, this shofar is now popular world-over.

A regular question of customers is does the finish affect the sound? The answer is NO. Your choice between the gloss of the polished shofar or the rugged coloration of the natural is entirely a matter of taste and preference. There is no difference in the sound. Of course, if you take half polished-half natural, you have the best of both worlds!

A long curled Yemenite shofar can be heavy. A child may need assistance to lift it and in an orchestra, it may need a special stand. Although the Yemenite shofar is not generally used in the Synagogues for the High Holiday prayer service, it is very popular for public gatherings, shofar demonstration and musical performances. Its deep soul-piercing sound reaches out and awakens the soul calling for a re-assessment our lives in the past, present and future. It is a that will always be treasured and cherished.

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