Professional Shofars

The mystical sound of the Shofar touches the deepest recesses of the soul. Its wordless notes express an inner yearning for spiritual elevation. In Temple times, the shofar was used to announce the Shabbat, public assemblies and other occasions. It was even a dramatic signal for war. Today, it is mostly blown in the solemn High Holiday Synagogue services where it plays a central role and is a symbol of the introspective intense atmosphere of those days.

So, if you are the “baal tokeah” – the appointed shofar blower in the Synagogue – you will want to be sure that you get the prescribed notes right the first time - the long drawn-out tekiah sound, the several abrupt short notes of shevarim and the many short staccato-like sounds of teruah. If you are blowing outside the Synagogue, in front of a musical or religious gathering, your shofar will also be the central attraction. So, it is important for your shofar to produce a range of resonant shofar notes.

MyShofar understands your needs and our selection of Professional Shofars has been especially chosen with these considerations in mind. Each shofar has been rigorously examined and tested for its handsome size, striking color and clear blast. You will find here natural and polished shofars; beige, black or mixed colors; and an outstandingly beautiful ivory colored shofar that is in a class of its own.

We know that this is an important purchase so feel free to contact our knowledgeable friendly staff. They will help you make the best choice to meet your needs. In addition to the authorized Kashrut certification, every Shofar is accompanied by our personal guarantee of superior quality in looks and sound.

It is written that when the shofar is blown, “the Divine is free to enter the soul.” MyShofar’s professional shofars will do just that.

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