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The Ram's Horn has been used from Biblical times to evoke Divine compassion, as the sound is alternately pleading and stridently demanding. A beautiful prayer tool, ranging in color from beige to black and available in various finishes, such as Polished and Natural

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Showing 1-32 out of 41 items

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According to tradition, the trumpet-like sounding instrument, a shofar is blown on the high holidays. Since the Biblical period, the ramís horn has been blown as a cry out to G-d to evoke His compassion. The sound is clearly recognizable by Jews as a call for repentance for our sins, and a promise to follow in G-dís righteous ways. Besides for the sound, the picture of a shofar itself has become a symbol of repentance. According to Jewish law, the shofar can be made from sheep, goat, or a rams horn. However, the ramís horn shofar is by far the most popular and ubiquitous option.

In addition to the function of the sound the shofar emits, the shofar is known for its beauty. Because of the beautiful nature of this prayer tool, many people choose to display their personal shofars all year long for decoration A ramís horn shofar can be purchased in a wide range of colors from a light beige to a midnight black. Because the shofar is not man made, but is actually a ramís horn no two shofars are identical. Additionally many come in options with a marble look, of a combination of darker and lighter colors.

The ramís horn shofars range in size and shape. A small shofar is about nine-inches long. A medium length shofar is about thirteen inches long. The large shofars are in the range of eighteen inches and the extra-large can be up to twenty three inches long! A professional shofar blower may choose to purchase a large or extra large shofar and their unique size and style are both beautiful in appearance and emit a particularly vibrant sound.

A customer can opt to buy a more natural looking shofar or a more elegant polished shofar. Furthermore, at www.myshofar.com, one can find shofars decorated with silver metal Jerusalem design or even some hand painted shofars. Many of the hand painted options depict pomegranates, an appropriate choice, as the pomegranate is another symbol for Rosh Hashana. While the decorated shofars are exceptional for display, the top part of the horn is left untouched as to not interfere with the blowing.

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