Extra Large Black Rams Horn Shofar - Natural Finish 19"-20"

Extra Large Black Rams Horn Shofar - Natural Finish 19"-20"

$199.95 Save $27.69 (14% off)
  • Size 19Ē-20Ē measured along the outside curve
  • Checked for having a great sound by a special Shofars Expert
  • Kosher
  • Without odor
  • Immediate shipment
  • Hand crafted in Israel
  • A quality shofar crafted by the renowned Barsheshet-Ribak company.

Product Description

This dark colored extra-large rams horn Shofar will blow loud and strong, producing the three main notes: tekiah, shevarim and teruah, each with their mystical significance. The natural beauty of the horn with its shades and hues has been retained without smoothing or polishing. When purchasing this shofar you will receive our informative Shofar Guide with tips on blowing and caring for your shofar.

BARSHESHET-RIBAK is an esteemed shofar company in Israel, who painstakingly fashion their shofars with dedication and reverence. Their shofars reflect unrivalled beauty and quality craftsmanship recognized by shofar collectors and religious communities all over the world.


Handmade in Israel
Material: Ram's Horn

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