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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is drop shipping?
With drop shipping you sell products on the Internet, in catalogs, mail order, etc, without buying them first. You only buy what you have already sold. Once you have sold a product you forward your orders directly to us and we ship the product directly to your buyer. You make the money on the difference between your selling price and your actual cost for the product.

What prices / discount do I get?
We bill you the prices as posted on our site minus your special reseller discount (after you login to your dropship account, you will see the discounted prices - approx 10%-25%) which is only offered to dropshippers. (if you have large volume of orders, we will increase your discount)

How do I pay for the product?
After you receive an order, you should login to dropship mode, make an order on our website and pay using your credit card or by paypal (for paypal payment you should complete the order without entering any credit card detalis, then transfer the money from your paypal account to: [email protected])

Can I download your pictures and merchandise descriptions and use them in my Dropship website/catalog?
We're happy to help our customers build up their business by using our pictures for free, After you login to dropship mode, you will see a dropship image link below each product image, this will allow you to download the pictures, without our watermark on it. (in order to download pictures to your computer, you should click the right mouse botton on the picture and select "Save Picture As..")

Text and Descriptions: We don't authorize to copy or use the text, descriptions, and information found on the aJudaica.com web site. Due to recent search engines penalties for duplicate content, you will need to rewrite products descriptions.

Will my Dropship Order have your company information on it?
No, Dropship orders will have no mention of our company on or in the box. As far as the customer knows, we don't exist. When they re-order, it will be from you, not us. Dropship orders are shipped without an invoice, although we can put yours in the box if it is e-mailed to us before shipping.

Can I add my invoice to the orders?
You may send us an invoice by email and we will add it to the order.

Are there any additional fees?
Not from us, the price you see at checkout is the price that you pay. Any shipping and handling charges are calculated with the shipping. There are no additional fees to Dropship.

Do your prices include import duties?
All of our prices are excluding any customs or import duties that may be applied. As every country has their individual demands, we suggest that you investigate this point prior to making any purchase. From our experience, United States doesn't charge any duties, most European countries charge duties.

How do I know if the products are in stock?
We remove products that are not available from our website.

Is there a set retail price I must charge my customers for their merchandise?
No. This is your business and the price you wish to charge for a particular item is entirely up to you. We may give a suggested retail price on our products, however the final decision is up to you. There is a lot of competition for anything sold on the Internet today, so stay competitive and study your competition.

Will I be responsible for returns on damaged or misdirected merchandise my customer may receive?
As far as your customers are concerned, you are the person or company from which they made their purchase. They had enough confidence in you to make their purchase and expect you to resolve their concerns accordingly. Be sure to reply to their emails or correspondence in a timely manner (within 24 hours) and insure them their concerns are going to be addressed and resolved. Together as a team, we will be sure your customer either receives a refund for any merchandise purchased, or gets an adequate resolution to the issues they may have. Our goal is to be certain that all of our customers are 100% completely satisfied. Although in business we can't please 100% of our customers, 100% of the time, we will work diligently to resolve any matters concerning an unsatisfied customers.

Can I take a part in your affiliate program?
Dropshippers are NOT allowed to link to take part in our Affiliate Program. We will not pay out commission based on the value of dropshipper's orders. Once we find that the majority of your orders are from dropshipping, we will terminate you from our program and reject any commission payments. All transaction data will be available for your reference, should you wish to dispute your termination.

Do you offer product feed file?
We do not provide product feed file.

Please answer the following questionnaire and we will get back to you shortly with your login information.

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