Shofar Bags

Honor your shofar and yourself with a decorative shofar pouch that you can carry with you, elegantly and comfortably, wherever you go. Keep your shofar in a pouch during prayers in the Synagogue to ensure that it remains dust-free without scratches. A pouch is also the ideal solution for storing and protecting your shofar during the year.

MyShofar offers a select number of pouches in quality black or blue velvet. They are tastefully embroidered with Judaica icons or with the Biblical verse praising the shofar blowing. If you seek a more colorful pouch you will enjoy Yair Emanuel’s blue velvet pouch with a tasteful Old Jerusalem design. Look for the pouch that has a special pocket to store your prayer book.

Throughout the ages, the call of the shofar has touched the deepest recesses of the soul, reaching an inner point where words cannot penetrate. It speaks to every person, bringing him a message of strength and hope for change. MyShofar recognizes the supreme importance of the Shofar for the Jew and for all of mankind.

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