Shofar Stands

Give your shofar the attention it deserves! When not in use, place your shofar in one of our elegant shofar stands. This will beautify the shofar as well as reflecting your respect for its awesome message. The Yair Emanuel stands are intended mainly for rams’ horns and come in a small and large size. They are bright and cheerful with traditional themes such as Jerusalem or Seven Species expressed in a vivid harmonious splash of color.

Your long spiraled Yemenite horn will become an admired decoration at home or place of work when it stands in one of our lucite Shofar holders. Stately but stylized, a lucite stand relegate dignity and prominence to this precious Judaica items.

The word “shofar” in Hebrew has the same letters as the word “to beautify.” The piercing wordless cry of the shofar is a call for self-improvement, to bring spiritual beauty to our lives. Placing your shofar in a beautiful shofar stand enhances this year-long message.

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