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Wearing a tallit for prayer is a powerful experience that taps into your soul. It helps you to pray with concentration, connecting to the Divine as you disconnect from the mundane world around.

For the traditional, MyShofar offers a variety of classic white wool tallitot with black stripes. This remains the all-time favorite for young bar mitzvah boys, grooms and grandfathers. Catering for all sectors of the community, you will also find on our site a Chabad or Yemenite tallit or the Turkish tallit favored by Chassidim. Wool is the most popular fabric. For the cost conscious, there is a considerably less expensive acrylic tallit. If you appreciate a tallit that is exclusive and prestigious, go for one of our stunning silk tallitot. Why not be adventurous and brighten up your traditional tallit with a colored stripe or a gold or silver design.

Each tallit comes with tzitzit attached to the four corners and a certificate testifying that it meets all Halachic requirements. On the matching headband is written the tallit blessing in Hebrew. There is a wide choice of sizes and colors. A protective slipcase is added for protection.

Let a gleaming white MyShofar tallit bring new spirit to your Synagogue attendance. We are confident that you will find in our selection a tallit that expresses your personality, taste and individuality.

I did not write about the tallit with Kotel picture – it really does not belong to this category.

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