Polished Ram’s Horn

Combining beauty and tradition, MyShofar offers a selection of polished ramsí horns that will bring pleasure and uplift to body and soul. Whether you use the shofar for ritual or non-religious purposes, these shofars will be a source of pride and joy even when they are not in active use but stand in your home on display.

Each shofar in this category in this category has been handled by our Shofar expert with individual care and concern. Gently, he has polished the shofarís exterior revealing and highlighting underneath its magnificent sheen. Browse and admire the shine of the beige or black shofars with their contrasting hues. The ivory colored shades are especially impressive. Cost is graded according to size and color.

We offer a number of Moroccan style shofars too. They have scalloped edges at the end, curved mouthpieces and a flatter shape. These differences are a continuation of the custom of ancient times when the shofar was small and compact, carried hidden in the pocket, far from Jew-hating eyes.

We are regularly asked whether there is a difference in sound between polished or natural shofars. The finish is entirely a matter of taste and has no effect on the sound. We stand behind every shofar that leaves our warehouse. It is individually checked, it carries the official Rabbinate certification and we assure you that it will give many years of satisfying use. Our friendly staff are always available if you have queries or want personal guidance.

Traditionally, the trumpet sound of the Shofar is a wake-up call. Its tearful sound penetrates and arouses thoughts of reflection, change and resolution. May the shofar sound bring positive changes to you and all those who blow our shofars.

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