Decorated Shofars

Add exotic carvings and decorations to the ever-popular Yemenite shofar with its majestic curves and bends and you have a magnificent work of art that is a collector’s item you will be proud to own. Display it in your home or place of work and wait for the admiring comments.

MyShofar’s selection of superbly decorated Yemenite shofars are a feast for the eyes - awesome in their beauty and powerful Judaic themes. Each one has been exquisitely hand painted by renowned artists such as Irina Rabinovich, Eretz Husyt, Eva Arbiv and others. Silver, metal, embroidered fabric and Swarovski stone are incorporated in designs. Themes include grapevines, Jerusalem, Lion of Judah, Menorah and others.

The elegance of these lusciously decorated Shofars has not compromised the high quality of sound that MyShofar demands from every Shofar. Each one is rigorously examined before leaving the warehouse to ensure that it produces the deep melodious notes for which the Yemenite shofar is famous.

Although these stunning decorated shofars are not to be used for ritual purposes in the Synagogue, they make impressive gifts for the Rabbi, teacher, father or grandfather or anyone to whom you wish to show gratitude and appreciation. They will become a family heirloom to be passed down the generations with joy and pride.

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