12 Tribes Breastplate Silver Yemenite Shofar

12 Tribes Breastplate Silver Yemenite Shofar

$179.10 - $295.02
  • 925 Sterling Silver plated Shofar
  • 12 Tribes Breastplate Design
  • Made in Israel, Hand Picked and Tested
  • 26" - 44" Length is measured along the outside curve
  • Allow up to two weeks for preparation.
  • A quality shofar crafted by prestigious Barsheshet-Ribak company

Product Description

Bring Shofar beauty to your home with this magnificently decorated spiral Yemenite Shofar. Using a special electro-plated process, 925 silver bands have been carefully added to the shofar and then delicately colored by hand. One band depicts the High Priestís Breastplate in color. Another features a golden cluster of olives that will be beaten to produce oil and another depicts the 7 Branch Menorah - symbol of eternal light. ATTENTION: Choice of medium or large length. The length measurement refers to the outside curve. Yemenite Shofars produce a magnificent reverberating sound which is carefully checked again before shipping. Our decorated Shofars are usually half polished/half natural. If we are out of stock, you will receive a fully polished or natural Shofar. If for any reason, we are out of stock on your choice, allow two weeks for preparation.

Barsheshet-Ribak is an Israeli shofar company dating back hundreds of years, passed from father to son, who painstakingly craft the shofars with dedication and reverence for this spiritual item. Their shofars reflect unequalled beauty and quality craftsmanship recognized by shofar collectors and religious communities worldwide.


Yemenite Shofar (African kudu)
925 sterling silver
Has undergone full sterilization.
Handmade in Israel.

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