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Highly recommended! This shofar is of amazing quality and produces a great sound. It is also easy to blow, and its size is just right - bigger than the traditional one but smaller than the large one.

Elijah C. 4/2023

Often, when you purchase a shofar, it doesn't quite live up to your expectations. However, this was not the case with the shofar I received. It closely resembled the photo and was absolutely beautiful. I gave it as a gift, and the recipient was thrilled with it. It is also very easy to blow. The shofar was well made, shipped quickly, and arrived safely packaged with a carrier case. Overall, a job well done!

Noah R. 3/2023

I am happy to report that everything met my expectations with this Shofar. It is of exceptional quality, and their price for this size can't be beaten. My husband was thrilled to receive it as a birthday gift

Ember K 2/2023

Despite being quite particular, I spent several days reading reviews before finally ordering a Shofar. And I must say, this one is an absolute winner! Its beautiful sound can be easily produced by anyone, whether an expert or a beginner. The craftsmanship is simply gorgeous and contrary to many comments, it doesn't have any unpleasant odor.

Zac E. 1/2023

I was able to achieve excellent sound on my very first attempt. I am extremely satisfied with this product and consider it a worthwhile investment. Thank you!

Cari G 1/2023

I love the shofar, it reminds me of my precious faith and my God.

Houston B. 1/2023

Was perfect as it is intended for a friend. I was actually able to get a sound out of it first try.

Bill C. 9/2022

Just received the shofar! It is better than I expected, exactly as pictured and easy to blow.

Christopher D. 9/2022

I like the Shofar a lot, it came in time for my younger's son Bar mitzvah.

Mike 8/2022

I love the beauty and quality shown. I have been wanting a shofar horn from Israel for a long time, especially to celebrate the New Moon. Thank you!

Ben A. 7/2022

Everything was perfect. The kudu Shofar and bag were shipped very quickly. I look forward to the next purchase I make with you guys.

Rick B. 7/2022

The Shofar ordered is beautiful to look at and hear. Beautiful quality. I recommend a purchase from My shofar based on my experience. Very pleased.

Jaxon L. 6/2022

So I just bought a large Ram's Shofar and man was it well worth it. I looked for the best shofar on various different websites because I wanted to make sure that my first shofar was perfect. Myshofar met my expectations and even surpassed them, they always kept me up to date, delivered on time, and the shofar was even more beautiful in person.

Josh 4/2022

Everything was great! I absolutely love my new Shofar

Jeff C. 2/2022

The Ram's Horn Shofar is exactly what I expected. It is beautiful and a reminder of our time that we spent in the Holy Land. Thanks!

TJ 7/2021

I gave this shofar to my husband a week ago. It is beautiful and has a much deeper, richer sound than a small shofar he had - but keep in mind, it takes a lot of practice to master it.

Cindy, Canada 7/2021

This is one of the best shofar that I have purchased so far, it doesn't have a smell, great deep sound!

Samuel D. 7/2021

I was pleased my shofar was polished so well & sounded great out of the box!

Michael D. NY 6/2021

I love the ram shofar. I'm learning as I'm a first time user. It makes me feel more connected to my spiritual roots when I do make certain sounds. I truly am happy with this purchase.

T. K. 6/2021

Love my tallit prayer shawl. It's not the original color I ordered but the replacement is just as beautiful

Tracy L. 5/2021
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