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MyShofar's mission is to help every customer make a shofar purchase that will give years of satisfying and productive use. To achieve this goal, our user-friendly website displays a wide selection of shofars the traditional ram’s horn, the spectacular kudu horn or dramatic Gemsbok horns. For a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive shofar, we offer an array of prestigiously decorated shofars, hand-painted and embellished with silver and precious stones. Should you have questions or want personal guidance, our team of telephonists is waiting to help you. At MyShofar, the customer comes first. We trust you and we hope you will trust us.

Our family of customers comes from all walks of life. Responding to the need, we provide Shofars to satisfy every need - whether they will be used for religious or non-religious purposes. Shofars intended for ritual blowing carry the appropriate authorization confirming their Kashrut status. Our warehouse reverberates to the sound of Shofar blasts, as we repeatedly check every Shofar for appearance and sound quality before shipping.

Our Clients Love Us

Blessings to the Holy Land. In the midst of mankind's suffering from the dangerous Covid-19 virus I seek spiritual strength and find it in the Shofar that you sent me. It gives me peace of mind. May you all be blessed.

Mary, LA 9/2020

I could have bought a Shofar locally but I wanted a Shofar that came from the Holy Land. It has a special holiness and you can laugh but I feel it has a different sound. It comes to me with the sound of Israel. May you all be blessed.

Jeremy, New York 9/2020

We are a family of Shofar blowers so we know what it is all about. I can recommend your website. I bought three Shofars for my grandchildren. They arrived well packed, no odors and blew a great sound.

Ben, Quebec 8/2020
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