Large Polished Yemenite Shofar Kudu Horn 33"-36"

Large Polished Yemenite Shofar Kudu Horn 33"-36"

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33 - 36 Inches

  • Fully Polished finish Yemenite Shofar Horn
  • Size 33"-36" (Measured along the outside curve)
  • Kosher under supervision of Israelís chief rabbinate.
  • Checked by our Shofar expert for sound and quality
  • Cleaned, sterilized and finished in Israel

Product Description

This handsome polished Yemenite kudu Shofar has a warm hue of colors that blend beautifully. Its large size makes it easier to blow. Once you have perfected the skill, you will really enjoy the sounds it produces. Before the Shofar leaves our warehouse, it will again be thoroughly checked by our expert.

The Shofar figured prominently in the conquest of Jericho. For six days, the army of the Jewish people, holding Shofars, circled the heavily fortified town. On the seventh day, the people blew on the Shofars, uttered a great shout and the walls crashed laying the entire city open.

When purchasing this shofar you will receive our informative Shofar Guide with tips on blowing and caring for your shofar.


Size: 33 - 36 Inches


Average rating: 4.7 / 5.0 based on 7 reviews

Nice shofar from Israel

I bought 33"-36". Delivery was really fast, around three days to process my order in Israel, 2 other days to arrive at NY. Shofar looks really good, blowing this Shofar is really easy and enjoyable.

Beautiful Shofar!

Excellent sound, beautifully polished in deep colors. Some smell exists, but we expected it to be the case.

amazing sound

A wonderful sound, not hard to play. A beautiful shofar, I'm glad I bought this shofar.

Beautiful! Sound is great!

I bought 33"-36" and it only took 5 days from Israel to my house in IN. Thank you for a wonderful product and such quick delivery.


Received today. Boy it took a month to get here. Still love it. But has smell.!

Beautiful sound

I absolutely Love it! It has a beautiful sound. This shofar is well polished and has beautiful colors. Arrived in 2 weeks.

Blow ye the trumpet, sound the alarm!

Perfect fit of the mouthpiece to my mouth, which is rather small. Looks just like the photo of one I based my decision to purchase from. I give this TWO THUMBS UP!!

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