Natural Odor Neutralizer for Shofars

Natural Odor Neutralizer for Shofars
Natural Odor Neutralizer for Shofars
Natural Odor Neutralizer for Shofars
Natural Odor Neutralizer for Shofars

Natural Odor Neutralizer for Shofars

$12.95 Save $2.35 (18% off)
  • Original Shofar Odor Neutralizer Spray by Peer Hastam®
  • Environmentally-friendly Shofar Odor Neutralizer, All Natural, Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable, Safe for People, Pets, and the Environment
  • Doesn't mask shofar odor, it eliminates it.
  • Size: 2 oz. / 60mL

Product Description

This non-toxic biodegradable Shofar Odor neutralizer spray will eliminate unpleasant scents from your shofar leaving it odor free.


Size: 60ml / 2 fl oz.
Spray Bottle
Brand: Peer Hastam


Average rating: 4.6 / 5.0 based on 19 reviews

honestly it really worked!!!

My shofar had the smell of dead meat. It really took the smell out. Thanks!!


One of my shofars had a slight odor after blowing through it your spray took care of that now the shofar has a good smell


I'm very happy. It's good to clean my shofar. Great smell I like it.

Great fragrance...

It has a slightly flowers after smell that I happen to like, but it fades away quickly, and there was no after smell in the rams horn I used it on, I also have a Kudu Shofar on the way, & I will get a chance to use it again, and I am confident it will eliminate any odors that are present. Nice Product!

Fairly good.

Smells nice, does not do the perfect job but serves its purpose pretty well.

Working slowly

I used spray after a few attempts it worked

Thank you for this aid

The smell is great and it allows for continued playing my Yemenite shofar

works well, nice scent

Makes our shofar much more pleasant to use! Do not eliminate long-term smell so we spray several times. Each time before use.


The shofar neutral spray product is really good. My shofar now smells good


Rarely write reviews, but this time I had to !! This product amazed me. My shofar had the smell of a dead creature. It was really hard to use. I searched the internet how to clean the shofar. I washed it with vinegar for ten hours, and after it smelled of vinegar and a dead animal. My shofar is relatively large. I poured the whole little bottle, connected at one end with a plug in my ear, looked around, let it sit for an hour, and the smell of dead animals disappeared. It is now 2 months later, the dead animal smell is still gone. It smells like flowers. Truly amazing product. Highly recommended.

it work great, I am very happy with it.

My husband likes it, though we just got it a few days ago. Meanwhile everything is good.

Shofar smells wonderful

The bottle is much smaller than I thought but it works well on my shofar.

Great fragrance...

Great product. So far, it seems to do the job. I hope the good smell will last for a long time, Thank you.

my recommendation

I recommend spraying the day before use and then let it dry before use

Highly recommend, worked great.

Shofar Oder Neutralizer Spray leaves a good smell in the shofar. I am very satisfied with this product. Will buy again. And I would also recommend to my friends to buy it

works awesome!

I was skeptical, but after using a day or two inside my shofar, and it works amazing!

nice product

Really good product, works great Thanks

Spray works great

The shofar smells excellent. Spray works

No more smells

Most of my shofar collection comes from israel with a bad smell inside. i use this neutralizor to get rid of those odors inside. i find works like a charm each time.

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