Silver Yemenite Shofar - Tabernacle Design

Silver Yemenite Shofar - Tabernacle Design

$178.10 - $295.92
A quality shofar crafted by prestigious Barsheshet-Ribak company

Product Description

Before the Temple was built, the Israelites used a mobile Mishkan for the Service, transported manually by the Levites carrying it with poles. See this depicted on the sterling silver bands that adorn this Yemenite Shofar together with another band that features images of olives, the exalted fruit that provided anointing oil.
The sound, as magnificent as the appearance, is tested again before shipping.
This horn is half polished-half natural. If unavailable, we will send polished or natural. Option: medium or large size. Remember that measurement is the length of outside curve. If your choice is unavailable, allow two weeks for preparation.

Barsheshet-Ribak is an Israeli shofar company dating back hundreds of years, passed from father to son, who painstakingly craft the shofars with dedication and reverence for this spiritual item. Their shofars reflect unequalled beauty and quality craftsmanship recognized by shofar collectors and religious communities worldwide.

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