Silver Temple Menorah Anointing Yemenite Shofar

Silver Temple Menorah Anointing Yemenite Shofar

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  • Silver Temple Menorah Decorated Anointing oil Yemenite Shofar
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Made in the Holy Land
  • 15"-18" measured along the outside curve
  • Allow one week for preparation

Product Description

You will adore this exquisite Yemenite Shofar transformed into an impressive authentic anointing horn. Our dedicated team of artists has used their expertise to add a 925 sterling silver sleeve on which is an image of the Temple 7 branch candelabrum. This image can be viewed today on the Arch of Titus, the triumphant monument erected by the Romans after their victorious conquest of the Holy Land. Attention: The shofar’s length is the measurement of its outside curve If your choice is not available allow one week for preparation.


Size: 15"-18"

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