Ein Gedi Myrrh 7.5 ml Anointing Oil

Ein Gedi Myrrh 7.5 ml Anointing Oil

Ein Gedi Myrrh 7.5 ml Anointing Oil

7.5 ml. - 1/4 oz

Product Description

The Myrrh Anointing Oil in a 7.5 ml (0.25 fl. oz) bottle is a special oil designed for use in religious ceremonies, personal prayer, and spiritual practices. This anointing oil is made with myrrh, a substance with deep biblical and historical significance, known for its aromatic and spiritual properties.
Myrrh: Derived from the resin of the Commiphora tree, myrrh has a long history of use in religious rites, anointing, and embalming. It is valued for its deep, earthy fragrance.
The oil has a rich, earthy, and slightly spicy aroma that is grounding and meditative. The distinctive scent of myrrh is evocative and suitable for deep spiritual experiences.
The 7.5 ml (0.25 fl. oz) bottle is compact, making it convenient for personal use or travel.
Used in anointing rituals to bless and consecrate individuals or objects, invoking the sacred significance of myrrh. The calming fragrance helps create a reflective and focused atmosphere, ideal for prayer and meditation. Employed to purify and sanctify spaces, enhancing the spiritual ambiance. The use of myrrh in anointing oil connects contemporary practices to ancient traditions, enriching spiritual rituals with historical and religious significance.
7.5 ml (0.25 fl. oz), providing a sufficient amount for multiple uses.
The Myrrh Anointing Oil symbolizes sacredness, devotion, and spiritual depth, making it a meaningful addition to religious rituals and personal spiritual practices. It serves as a reminder of the biblical importance of myrrh and its enduring spiritual value.


SKU: EG-60007
Size: 7.5 ml. - 1/4 oz
Brand: Ein Gedi Cosmetics

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