Men's T-Shirt with Attached Kosher Tzitzit - White

Men's T-Shirt with Attached Kosher Tzitzit - White

  • NEW! A T-shirt that is undershirt and tallit katan
  • The perfect solution for those hot active summer days
  • Cotton-polyester, neat V neck, short sleeves
  • Ready to wear. Certified kosher tzitzit attached
  • Also small pocket insert for Tzitzit before laundry

Product Description

Are you uncomfortable during the summer wearing an undershirt, tallit katan and shirt? Then our Tzitzit T-shirts are a must. Comfortable cotton-polyester. Comes with kosher tzitzit tied with a small pocket alongside to insert them before machine washing. Slits up the sides open and close with studs, in accordance with halachic requirements.

Range of sizes. Machine wash. Comes with recognized Rabbinical certification.


60% Cotton 40% polyester
Available in range of sizes

Special Features

Techelet-Blue Thread (extra 4 days on delivery)

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