Queen Esther Anointing Oil 125 ml.

Queen Esther Anointing Oil 125 ml.

Queen Esther Anointing Oil 125 ml.

125 ml. - 4.2 fl.oz.

Product Description

The Queen Esther Anointing Oil, in a 125 ml bottle, is a unique and significant oil often used for spiritual and religious purposes. This anointing oil is inspired by Queen Esther, a biblical figure known for her bravery, beauty, and wisdom, as depicted in the Book of Esther.
The blend of aromatic ingredients in Queen Esther Anointing Oil reflects themes of courage, beauty, and favor. Common ingredients might include myrrh, spikenard, and other biblically significant herbs and spices, creating a fragrant and regal aroma.
High-quality olive oil is typically used as the carrier for the aromatic essences. Olive oil is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and divine blessing in many cultures, enhancing the richness and purity of the anointing oil.
This anointing oil is suitable for various religious ceremonies, personal prayer, meditation, and anointing practices. It is often used to inspire courage, grace, and a sense of divine favor, mirroring the qualities of Queen Esther.
The 125 ml bottle size is practical for regular use, providing enough oil for multiple applications without being overly large.


SKU: EG-61264
Size: 125 ml. - 4.2 fl.oz.
Brand: Ein_Gedi
Size: 125 ml. - 4.2 fl.oz.

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