Dove of Peace Anointing Yemenite Shofar

Dove of Peace Anointing Yemenite Shofar


  • Dove of Peace Anointing Yemenite Shofar
  • Made in the Holy Land
  • 16"- 20" measured along the outside curve
  • Allow one week for preparation

Product Description

Our artists have transformed a beautiful Yemenite horn into an anointing oil receptacle. Their hand-painted decorations features a dove of peace in the center and on either side are the mystical six pointed Stars of David. The bold blue star holds an image of the 7 branch Temple Menorah that radiated light to the entire universe. Attention: The shofar’s length is the measurement of its outside curve If your choice is not available allow one week for preparation.


Size: 16"-20"

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Great shofar! really moved the congregation to tears, if i might say so.

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